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Welcome Daniel Kent to Rebalance Massage!

Rebalance Massage is please announce and welcome Daniel Kent, LMT to our Rebalance team!

Dan is a licensed massage therapist, certified personal trainer, and above all a lifelong learner. He graduated among the top of his class from The American Institute of Alternative Medicine in June 2020. He has a    Read More..

Valentine’s Day Special

Happy Valentine’s Day. As an expression of love, nothing says “I Love You” like a massage for yourself or a loved one to relax and reduce stress. To show our love, we have a special offer this Valentine’s Day.

Get a Free Aromatherapy Enhancer when you purchase a massage gift    Read More..

We’re Growing!

Rebalance Massage is growing!! We’ve added a new licensed massage therapist to our team! We’d like to introduce Gina Gillar!

Gina is an Asian National and a licensed massage therapist in the Philippines and the United States. She has more than ten years of experience in the massage industry starting    Read More..

Gift Certificates For the Holidays

With the holiday season fast approaching, Rebalance will be offering massage gift certificates. Especially since stress and tension levels have never been higher, the best gift this year is a relaxing, tension-relieving, make you feel rejuvenated massage!

There are 2 easy ways to purchase a massage gift certificate for your    Read More..

Got a headache?

There are many types of headaches from tension, migraines, or cluster which cause pain in the head and upper neck. Depending on the type of headache, massage can help reduce and alleviate pain associated with headaches. That’s good news!!! You don’t have to stay in pain if you have a    Read More..

Massage and Aging

Getting older doesn’t mean having to live with pain. While our bodies do change over time, some of those aches and pains can be helped with massage therapy.

According to a survey conducted by the American Massage Therapy Association, approximately 9 million people over age 55 had a total    Read More..

Attention Pumpkin Lovers

We have a brand new add on for your massage – limited time only!! Pumpkin spice massage oil!! Enjoy all the scents of fall with this addition!!

   Read More..

Doterra Deep Blue Rub

While massage and stretching our generally first line recommendations for relieving muscle pain, sometimes a quick fix is needed to get through the day that is better than taking ibuprofen. If you’re in a jam, we recommend Doterra’s Deep Blue Rub. It is a natural solution made with essential oils    Read More..

Our New Office Protocols

Your health and safety is our top priority. Here are two videos that demonstrate our new office procedures and disinfecting protocols.

When You Enter Our Office

Disinfecting Protocols    Read More..

We Are Open!!

Yes!! We are back!! Starting June 29th, 2020, we will be reopen for business!! We look forward to seeing you at our office!    Read More..