Benefits of Massage

There are many benefits to incorporating massage into your routine.


What is an essential oil?

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Therapeutic Massage

Rebalance’s therapeutic massage services incorporate various modalities depending on each individual’s needs.
Our therapists will work with you and choose the best methods that will help reach your session’s goals.

** Please note that all our prices DO NOT include sales tax. 

30 Minute Therapeutic Massage - $45 
60 Minute Therapeutic Massage - $95
90 Minute Therapeutic Massage - $130 

Aromatherapy (Add-on to a massage) - $10.00. 
This includes an essential oil aroma of your choice for during the massage and hot towel on the back at the end.   

Hot Stones

Added to massage (only on the back) - $25 
60 Minute Full body hot stone - $135 
90 Minute Minute Full Body hot stone – $165 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) $150 per session
To get the most from MLD, the ideal protocol is 5 consecutive days, 50 minute sessions each.  A typical session for MLD is 50 minutes. This type of massage helps the body improve it’s ability to heal itself and is great for so many conditions such as concussions, pre and post surgery, reduce cellulite, reduce edema and much more. 

Prenatal - $95
Prenatal massage can help reduce aches and pains associated with pregnancy.  There are many benefits to getting a prenatal massage.

Massage Packages 

Rebalance Package 

This is our most popular program!!  Receive one massage a month to alleviate your aches and pains.  Our Massage Club is a month to month commitment and is the most way to affordably get regular massages.  $67.00 and $19.99 one time admin fee. 

Restore Package
With this program, get 3 massages to use in a 12 month period.  $260.

Chair Massage 

For our corporate clients and individuals who like to have chair massage at their parties, we offer chair massage services. It’s a great addition to health fairs, boost office morale, and parties! Call us for pricing!

Energy Work 

Reiki -  A 60 Minute Session of gentle healing energy sent through the reiki practitioner to bring Universal Life Energy to assist with overall well-being .  $75.00

AromaTouch is a 40 minute session which uses the powerful combination of essential oils and light touch to provide an amazing experience that is beneficial to our overall well-being. AromaTouch uses 4 essential oils and 4 essential oil blends to promote relaxation, strengthen the immune system, reduce pain, and invigorate the nervous system. The oils are applied only to the neck, scalp, back and feet.

$45/session. This price is for either adding to a session or having a stand alone AromaTouch appointment.

All appointments do not include sales tax.  No sales tax will charged for those individuals with prescriptions from their doctor

We require a credit card to hold all appointment times.

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please give us 24 hours notice or our cancellation policy applies

Cancellation policy:  You will be charged full price for the session if you no show your appointment.